3D printer was first invented in 1980s and the technology has been progressing slowly until recently it has made a huge success. 3D printing is a process where three dimensional solid objects are produced from a digital life.

3D printing process starts with developing a virtual design of the object by using a Computer Aided Design (CAD) 3D modelling program or with 3D scanner. 3D scanner is to copy existing object. The scanner uses time-of-fligh, structure light, and volumetric scanning in creating a 3D model. However, there are many technology and new system in building a 3D objects.

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China uses 3D painting for construction industry and they save a lot of money and time in building houses as well as buildings.

Printed titanium vertebrae implant
In the health industry, Steven J. Hausman (President of Hausman Technology Presentations) stated that 3D painting has already produced 3D-printed jaws, ribs, teeth, and many more body parts. This technology brings new hope for people.

Dr. Ralph Mobbs, an Australian neurosurgeon worked together with medical devices company known as Anatomics in treating a patient with neck tumor by using a 3D printer. This medical team used a printed titanium vertebrae implant to help with the surgeon. Dr Mobbs said that the 3D printed implants is a pure delight and truly an innovation.

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